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The Interpreting & Business 4 You program is a comprehensive in-house online training program created and implemented in 2000.
It provides you with what you need in order to start your interpreting career and business.  This training also provides you with the information, resources, tips to become a certified interpreter, or how to start your own interpreting agency.   
Throughout the years, I’ve added additional modules in order to keep up with both the interpreting and business requirements. 
💥Learn all the inside secrets from a professional interpreter, entrepreneur, interpreter trainer, and business coach and former CEO.
💥Learn all the Do’s and Don’ts of the Industry and Learn what it takes to Start Your Interpreting Career today!
💥With my Proven System, no matter how much experience you have or even without any “techy/biz” experience, I know I can help you!
💥This program is a top-notch program that has helped 1000s throughout the years to Start, Grow, and/or Decipher their Career and Business.

👉Sign up today, if you’re struggling to Start, Grow, or Launch your career and business as a professional:

• Medical interpreter

• Legal interpreter

• Educational interpreter

• Conference interpreter

Who should take my ONLINE Interpreter Training program?

👉If you are Bilingual and want to start your interpreting career.
👉Anyone who wants to become a professional interpreter
👉Anyone who wants to start their own business
👉Anyone who wants to learn more about this Billion 💲 Industry
👉Anyone who wants to become an Entrepreneur

Sign up today, if you:

👉 If you are tired of working for others but have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. 👉 If you’re a professional interpreter, but struggling to get paid your worth, and; 👉 If you are tired of working for “pennies on the dollar” and not getting paid your worth, and; 👉 If you are struggling to get your own clients and want to grow your business.

About the ONLINE Interpreter Training program.

As an Interpreter trainer and Business owner for over 19+ years – my students have demonstrated remarkable success with my training and many have ventured off and started; their own language agency, working in the courts, or in the hospitals, so whatever the case may be, whatever you desire – I’m here to ASSIST YOU with your career and business.

As your Interpreter Trainer and Business Coach, I am committed to providing you with the quality training and professional guidance that you need to help you get started.

In my training, you will learn everything you need to start your career and business!

✔Learn What it Takes to become a Professional Interpreter
Learn The Basics of Interpreting and Business
Learn The Roles and Functions of an Interpreter
Learn the Outreach Procedures as an Entrepreneur
Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the Interpreting and Business industry
Learn how to Market and Earn Your Worth…and so much more!!!

Be Your Own Boss doing what you Love!

❓Now, did you know that a Professional and Qualified interpreter is needed in every business sector?

👉💯Yes, Qualified Interpreters are much more than bilingual individuals! Because, Qualified Interpreters have undergone training and have the experience and understand and adhere to the strict code of ethics, as well as complying with the HIPAA laws and national standards for interpreters.  

The Interpreting and Business 4 You online training program will provide you with what you need to get your career started and have you up and running your business in less than 90 days!

This will provide you with both the Inside Secrets into the Interpreting Industry and Entrepreneurship World! It will provide you with what you need to do to Start, Launch and Grow your successful career as a professional interpreter.

This Program Includes

A digital welcome package that will include; checklists,  step-by-step guides, and templates to help you kick start your business and career!  You will also receive:
  • 2, one-on-one 45 minutes of a Private Coaching session via phone, or skype
  • Email and chat support
  • Step by step checklists to help you “kick start” your interpreting and business
  • To Do Lists, including for your interpreting and business; sales and marketing steps and resources to help you get your business started
  • A set of forms, templates, and resources to help you with your business and interpreting career !!!
  • Action steps to help you start your career and business the right way
  • Follow through steps to get your business on track and so much more…

Now, if you are looking to Start an Interpreting Agency or a Corporate Business then I would recommend that you look into The CEO Hustler Training or if you want to start a small Interpreting Agency or Small Business then I would recommend the Boss Up and Rise Training or if you have NOT taken any Interpreter Training courses, and/or want to learn about the industry and see if this is the right career for you, as well as obtaining the basic freelance to do’s to “Kick Start Your Career” then I would recommend the Introduction to Interpreting  Group Training or if you are just struggling to “Kick Start Your Business” and are unable to take any of my One-on-One Training then I would recommend the Entrepreneur BootCamp101 now, if you are a hands-on person and ONLY needs help with certain areas of your business then I invite you to check out my A La Cart modules to help you Grow Your Business…If your still not sure which program is the right for you, then feel free to Sign Up and get your Complimentary Call👇

Interpreting and Business 4 You

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“Time to Be Fierce – Be Awesome and Get the Freedom You Deserve!”