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Introduction to Interpreting

6198a-7cd2042d25cf6613ed82dcde56bf6aafINTRODUCTION TO INTERPRETING:

Are you bilingual?  Do you love working with people? Do you love to travel? Do you love speaking?  Do you want to be your own boss?

Then, this career may be just for you!


I was very fortunate to have found this wonderful career over 18+ years ago.


Well, I was at the hospital one day when I saw a girl speaking back and forth to a doctor, patient both English and into another language.  I became curious and I waited patiently until she was done speaking before approaching her.  I asked her, what type of job do you have, it’s very interesting?  She said, well thank you – I’m a medical interpreter.  With no time to waste, I said thank you and I walked away, I went home and started to research this industry.  I didn’t know much about the industry itself, but I knew a lot about business, marketing, sales, etc…so I got to work!  I put #TheCEOHustler hat on and got ready to #BossUpandRise

Within a month I made my home-made flyers, business cards, promoted myself and 3 months later, I was in business providing services to a variety of industries; Insurance, Medical, Legal and more!  So, 18 yrs later here I am; still in business, still providing services to all my loyal customers and in business on my own.

If you are like me Bilingual who wants to be your own boss, loves to work with people, loves to help people, loves to travel then contact me today and get trained on how to become a successful interpreter!

Just like any successful business owner, you need to have business skills…but even if you don’t have any experience, no problem,  I will teach you how to Become an Interpreter and will provide you with the Business Skills you need to get your Business Started!

downloadRemember: “Just because you speak a Second Language, it DOES NOT make you a Professional Interpreter”

So, don’t put yourself, or the lives of others at Risk, just because you think you can do the job of an Interpreter!

Want a successful career as an interpreter, then be ethical and ask questions even when agencies don’t ask them!

Interpreters, Potential Interpreters this career is very rewarding, ONLY if you are truthful about your skills, qualifications!

Learn the Basics of Interpreting – the Do’s and Don’ts, Pre-Post introduction, Positioning, Code of Ethics, and more!!!

Trust me, no other training will provide you with hands-on experience, that my training provides.


Register for my ONLINE training, or order my Interpreter Handbook Today and Get Started!

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