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Introduction to Interpreting

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INTRODUCTION TO INTERPRETING: Are you bilingual?  Do you love working with people? Do you love to travel? Do you love speaking?  Do you want to be your own boss? Then, this career may be just for you!   I was very fortunate to have found this wonderful career over 18+ years ago. HOW? Well, I […]

Interpreter Training

Become an Interpreter

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Become an Interpreter learn what it takes. When it’s time to choose a career there are plenty of options available. The most beneficial career choice will combine your skills with your personal interests and passions. Harvey Mackay once said, “Find something to do that you love and you will never work a day in your life”. If […]

Interpreting and Translation

What is Interpreting?

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What is Interpreting? Interpreting deals with the spoken word NOT the written words… Do you know the different types of interpretation modes? Consecutive – each speaker pauses after a few sentences to allow the interpreter to render the speech into the target language Simultaneous –when the interpreter is speaking at the same time the speaker is […]