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The Program

The Boss Up and Rise is a 90-Day Online Workshop program for entrepreneurs (just like you).  I help entrepreneurs (just like you) who need help starting, growing,  launching, building and/or deciphering their career and business.  I provide you with the tools, resources, training and guidance so that you can build a successful and profitable business while doing what you love!

                                                                    Ready to create a business you love using your Skills, Products, and/or Services?                                                            

This Workshop will help you build the “Foundation” you need in order to start your business.  It will help you start it on the right track, but more importantly Avoid the Risks involved when starting and launching a business.

Now, I know it’s difficult, challenging, overwhelming, but when you have a partner (like me) helping you each and every step of the way things will be so much easier.  

Trust Me… I’ve been doing this for over 19+ years and built my business from “scratch”! 

I know How To Start a Business. I know How to Grow a Business, and I know the Risks and Challenges involved – I know because I’ve been their and done that

That is why I built this program (with you in mind)…

In this workshop, I will go over the “good, the bad, and the evil”, so that you don’t have to go through those same challenges and hurdles that I went through when I started my business.

The Boss Up and Rise Workshop will Help You Start Your Business and SAVE you all the “Trials and Errors” that come with Starting Your Business.

I’ve helped 1000s Start and Grow their business, but also helped them Avoid all the Bad, Risks, and Challenges involved in the Business World.

Boss UP and Rise

Ready to Shine?
I Will Help You...

Get your business up and running. I will help you grow, decipher and/or launch your business. I will help you "Kick Start" your business.
I will help you take your Biz to the Next Level, if you're ready to "Rock" and ready to #BossUpandRise


To get your Business Started on the right track, you need to get your plan in place, your "Foundation".
Because every successful business is built with a strong "Foundation".

I will help you design your plan that will fit your business type, budget and place you in front of your competition!

In this module you'll learn on how to set your Goals, Vision, and understand the "Business Plan" in order to identify your ideal clients, as well as how to set yourself apart from the competition, so that you can earn your worth.

Tools & Systems

To promote your Business and put your business in front of the competition, you need to get your marketing and procedures in place. I will help you set the basic processes and procedures before launching your business in order to "avoid and prevent risks" involved with the "business world". In this module your learn the basic steps to set your marketing, processes and procedures in place.


To run your successful business, you must have all the basic fundamentals and procedures in place, but also have someone hold you accountable and help you throughout this process, but more importantly help you with your business, and teach all the valuable skills you need in order to execute each strategy, process and procedure. In this module I will go over the "back end processes, procedures" needed in order to Start, Launch and Grow Your Business.

I will share all the Free Tools you can use to help you automate, market and promote your business and save you tons of time and money.

Ready to turn your part-time "gig" to a full-time business?
Ready to leave your "job" and become an Entrepreneur?
Ready to Start, Grow and Launch Your Business?


My programs are ALL online and therefore you can listen in from wherever.

All course materials are sent to you via email; step-by-step guides, sheets, and additional resources are also available via my online member portal.


I encourage you to register online as soon as possible (spaces are limited).

Now, if this is NOT the Training you are looking for and your ready to take your Business “Up a Notch” then I highly recommend you Sign Up for my CEO Hustler Mastermind The CEO Hustler Mastermind provides in depth training that will help you with all aspects of business;  Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, Design and Implementation, Financials, Legal, Administration, and so much more… 

Time Management

I recommend you spend at least 2-4 hours per day to implement your growth assignments – I will be with you every step of the way.

The more focus and dedication you put into ANY of my workshops, the more you’ll get out of it and the faster you can Start, Grow and Launch Your Business!

But, if you’re not able to put that much time into your program, no problem but I do need at least (1) hour of your time each week to go over each task and process.

What You'll Get.

If you’re tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and just tired of going in “circles” with your business-I can help you get through all those hurdles and challenges!

When you join the Boss Up and Rise Workshop, you’ll get what you need for you and your business, but also guidance, support, tools, resources, and a safe yet encouraging environment to help you get through this process and help you “Kick Start” Your Business!


Your satisfaction is my number one priority. If you have any problems, issues, or are simply having a challenge and need help, email me and I'll make sure to take care of all your questions or concerns.


My office hours are M-F 9-3.
Feel free to send your questions via email
I will respond to those questions every week and I will record and transcribe all questions and will make them available for you to listen in.

General Info

Feel free to ask questions and get feedback via the Member Portal.

Each lesson module comes with instructions, but feel free to always send your questions, if your not sure of each step... I'm here to assist you every step of the way!

Every business must have a strong “foundation”.  This workshop will provide you with the process to creating a plan that will meet your specific business and will help you clarify your goals and vision, but more importantly help you identify your ideal clients.

Websites and online marketing is no longer an option in this modern day world.  Therefore your business must have the necessary tools, processes to help you stand out “from the crowd”.  Your “branding” doesn’t have to break the “bank”, it can be done with little to no cost.

I will teach you the tools that you need to create a great image, but also create an “online salesperson” – working 24/7 to build online trust, growth, but more importantly conversion

To run your successful business, you must have all the “basics” in place to help you start and operate your business, but more importantly keeping you organized and on track to help you grow your business.

The key component to growing a profitable and long-term business is not just about starting and launching the business, it’s about creating the right processes, procedures and more importantly having the right tools and guidance to help you Start and Grow Your Business!

The #1 mistake made by so many businesses and the #1 reason why businesses don’t succeed is because they don’t have the “basic foundation and or processes” to help them each and every step of the way!


Interpreter and Entrepreneur

About Faviola Valencia,
Founder of Elite Services 4 You!

I know what it takes to start a business from scratch. I started my business with no degree, but I had a desire and motivation to succeed. I used all my work related experiences and knowledge to start and build a Corporate Business from scratch. When I decided to venture off many "criticized me, many put me down, many naysayers", but I didn't give up and within 3-months I was able to land top notch contracts and build a profitable business for years to come. After 19+ years in business I've been so fortunate to train, mentor and coach 1000s across the globe...So yes, I've proved all the "naysayers" wrong.

Motivation 4 You!

Ready to Boss Up and Rise?

"Time to Be Fierce - Be Awesome and Get the Freedom You Deserve!"
Faviola Valencia
Ceo & Founder Elite Services 4 You
"A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided."
Tony Robbins
Author, life coach, philanthropist
Boss Up & Rise Biz Coaching

 Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using the BossUpandRise workshop may vary from these student testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, experience, knowledge, qualities, skills, such as your level of effort, as well as so many other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. The BossUpandRise workshop is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. I believe that I provide you a great learning system to achieve your desired results, and my students agree.